Partnership Guidelines

1. We are keen to partner with companies that are:
• B-corp certified
• ISO 9000, 14001, 45001 and 26000 certified

2. We accept donations from or partner with companies or foundations that are associated with activities which are in the best interests of children.

3. We will not accept donations or enter into any partnership with companies or foundations directly associated to:
• Alcohol production
• Tobacco products
• Manufacture and sale of armaments and weapons including guns
• Gambling facilities or marketing of such facilities
• Exploitation of any kind including child or forced labour

4. All partnerships must be governed by a memorandum of understanding and a legally binding agreement.

5. Partner companies and individuals will be screened and asked to provide proof of certain documents

6. All companies will have a warranty that it respects:
• International Labour Law
• Fundamental Principles and Right at Work
• Convention of the Rights of Children
• Universal Declaration of Human Rights
• National Labour Standards

7. We aim to minimise the disruption of daily life of children and families during our challenge visits

8. We ensure children are portrayed on photos and in stories with accuracy and dignity. We do not promote images of children in sad situations or ill health

9. We ensure our charity visits have a strong educational or supportive emphasis and provide information about the charity, culture and country visited.

10. All Volunteers and challengers must adhere to our code of conduct.

“We partner with organisations whose core values include a passion for giving to create lasting impact and a sustainable future for all.”

Anne Edmondson, Chairperson Gulf for Good

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