How to get involved

Here's how you can make a difference

Gulf for Good invites you to join the community, taking part in upcoming social gatherings, life changing challenges and fitness training to empower you to change your life, while also changing the lives of children around the world.


How to join?

  • Come meet our community by joining our regular Social Gatherings where everyone is welcome
  • Be part of our weekly Hiking Program and access unlimited fitness training classes (including stair climbs, snow hikes and much more)
  • Take on a life changing adventure challenge, and hike or cycle around the world (join our next charity challenge!)


How do you raise funds?

Running numerous social and wellbeing activities in the UAE, and through our life changing adventure challenges, we raise funds for Child around the world. Through the kindness of our volunteers and donations of those who take on challenges (supported by their individual community), together we are able to collect funds to support children in need.

Want to volunteer your time? Find out more how you can help.

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Yousef Tuqan | A little bit of change can help change the world

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