2020 Ramadan: Covid Crisis Campaign

UAE | 24th April - 25th May 2020

Our international charity projects need our support more than ever before.

Due to Covid-19 our usual source of fundraising from our local activities and international challenges are under threat and our very limited resources are extremely stretched.

Please help us continue our work to give children around the world the chance of a better life, by supporting this Ramadan fundraising campaign. Driven by the impact of the Covid-19 world-wide crisis our immediate focus has turned to supporting basic needs of the children we support.

We are fundraising to provide over 2,000 children at our projects in Nepal, Uganda, Tanzania, Peru, and Lebanon with day-to-day essentials: food, water, clothing, shelter.


For this Ramadan campaign we are asking you to donate the equivalent of one thing you really 'miss/missed' during the lockdown.

Below shows you just how so little can go so far.

‘Your restraint is their lifeline’. 

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1)       Donate AED50


For our charities this equates to:

·         Clean drinking water in Lebanon for 2 children for a month


For you this may equate to:

·         Enjoying coffee with a friend

·         Getting your car washed

·         Eating ice-cream at the beach

·         Having your shoes shined


2)       Donate AED100


For our charities this equates to:

·         Reusable masks for 50 children in Peru


        For you this may equate to:

·         Workout at the gym

·         Hair cut at the barbers

·         Catching a movie with a friend

·         Neck and shoulder massage


3)       Donate AED200


For our charities this equates to:

·         A set of new clothes for 5 children in Nepal


For you this may equate to:

·         Lunch with a neighbour

·         Manicure & Pedicure

·         Trip to the theatre

·         Shisha with friends


4)       Donate AED500


For our charities this equates to:

·         5 bunk bed mattresses with mosquito nets in Tanzania


For you this may equate to:

·         Night out with colleagues

·         Getting your roots done

·         Brunch with pals

·         Family outing to a water park


5)       Donate AED1,000


For our charities this equates to:

·         Feeds 10 children for a month in Uganda


For you this may equate to:

·         Series of Personal training sessions

·         Playing a round of golf

·         Spa Day with a friend

·         Staycation


6)       Donate a larger amount


For our charities this equates to such as:

·         Building classrooms

·         Renovating dormitories

·         Installing a school kitchen






IACAD fundraising approval number 3021.

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