The Virtual Kilimanjaro Challenge

Saturday 18th – Tuesday 28th July 2020

Have you ever wanted to climb to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro?

Have you climbed it before and want a trip down memory lane? 

Does the idea of trekking 68.5kms to 5,895m interest you?

Due to Covid 19, we unfortunately can't travel to Tanzania to complete this incredible trek however we remain committed to fundraising for our charity projects and to providing ways for you to keep up your exercise with us. 

Want to do the real Kilimanjaro trek in 2021 with us? Email [email protected] to let us know and we'll keep you informed.

Are you up for this virtual charity challenge?

If so, then join Gulf for Good with Jim Berry, Founder of Larchfield’s Children’s Home and Anne Edmondson, Chairwoman of Gulf for Good on Saturday 18th July at 11am for our Virtual Kilimanjaro Challenge. 

CHARITY PROJECT: This charity challenge will empower you to virtually walk the same distance to one of the most beautiful wonders of the world while contributing funds for our charity project in Peru, Chichuchas Wasi. Together, our goal is to raise USD 14,000 (AED 50,000) to support classroom renovations, building a playground facility and supporting dormitories for students at Chichuchas Wasi.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Make a minimum donation of AED 100 to register through YallaGive.
  2. You will then receive an email providing all the information and instructions you need to take part.
  3. Download Zoom to your device and join us at the virtual start line for the warm-up, then off you go!

You will have 10 days to complete the challenge. There will be pictures and videos shared with you as you progress so you can get a feel for what the real Kilimanjaro trek is like. A few surprises along the way too!



Driven by the impact of the COVID-19 world-wide crisis, our charity projects need your support more than ever before. 

Our international challenges are currently on-hold. We are trying to still support our charity projects through other events until we can get back to the mountains.

Your donation will go a long way to support our project, Larchfield’s Children’s Home in Tanzania. Larchfield is a purpose built orphanage providing a safe haven for homeless children where, despite having begun their lives at a disadvantage, they can grow up to lead happy, responsible and caring lives and be a credit to the community they live in, inspiring others by their example.

This event is pending approval from the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department.


Marangu to Mandara Hut (2,740m) 4 hours, 7kms

Trekking: Marangu to Mandara Hut (2,740m) 4 hours, 7kms

The first day’s climb is relatively easy and passes through rain forest to reach Mandara Hut.  We will have a great chance to enjoy the verdant scenery, abundant bird life and monkeys that inhabit the forest.

We will have lunch along the way before reaching the hut, where there will be some time to relax and explore before dinner.


Mandara to Horombo Hut (3,800m) 6-7 hours, 12 kms

Trekking: Mandara to Horombo Hut (3,800m) 6-7 hours, 12 kms

After breakfast, we will trek for about half an hour before emerging from the rain forest into Alpine meadow.  The rest of the trek today is beautiful, with splendid views and spectacular vegetation.


Horombo to Kibo Hut (4,700m) 6 hours, 9.5 kms

Trekking: Horombo to Kibo Hut (4,700m) - 6 hours, 9.5 kms

After breakfast, we will begin the climb to the Kibo Hut.   The route crosses the saddle between the peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi abd then onto the high altitude desert, before reaching the hut.   Tonight, we will have an early dinner!


Kibo Hut to Summit (5,895m), descent to Horombo Hut (3,800m) 12 hours, 22 kms (6 kms ascent / 16 kms descent)

Trekking: Kibo Hut to Summit (5,895m), descent to Horombo Hut – 12 hours

22 kms (6 kms ascent / 16 kms descent)

Rising at 1am, we will start the ascent to attempt the summit.

We should reach the rim of the crater at Gilman’s Point after a steep 6 hour climb up a loose scree slope.   From here, those of us who still have the energy to spare (!) will continue on around the snow-covered rim to the highest point, Uhuru Peak, taking around an extra 2 hours in total.

All climbers descend past Kibo hut to the Horombo Hut for a well-earned overnight rest.


Horombo Hut to Park Gate, 5-6 hours, 18 kms

Trekking: Horombo Hut to Park Gate, 5-6 hours, 18 kms

Today, we will complete the descent to the Marangu Gate via the Mandara hut.   We will then be transported to the hotel for hot showers and a celebratory dinner.

Larchfield Children's Home

As a response to the desperate plight of Tanzanian children who have been abandoned by parents – either by reason of disease and death, divorce or other incapacity to maintain the family unit, a group of Tanzanian private citizens decided to register a children’s home and to call it, “Larchfield”, to serve as a happy, safe and secure environment for Tanzanian children who have no home.    

The objective is to build and operate a purpose built children’s home, initially for 60 children, but phased to accommodate eventually up to 300.                              

Larchfield will be designed and managed to provide a homely, safe haven for homeless children where, despite having begun their lives at a disadvantage, they can grow up to lead happy, responsible and caring lives and be a credit to the community they live in, inspiring others by their example.     

Larchfield was legally set up as an NGO [#00NG0/00005420] and had already acquired land at Mkuranga, (some 40 miles south of Dar-es-Salaam) where there are many disadvantaged children - the lucky ones are fostered with other families. The actual design of the Home is taking shape in the capable hands of a philanthropic group of imaginative architectural students, staff and professionals called “Core Coordination Team”. This team has developed blueprint & drawings of the proposed home. More details of their progress is available on the charity website under “Workshops”.

The construction of the Children’s Home has been divided into three phases. Larchfield is currently working towards the Phase 1 which consists of 4 large units (accommodation) + 4 small units (mama’s) + 1 Toilet block. Each phase has currently have the following structure designations:  

  • School Unit
  • Children’s Unit
  • Administrative Unit
  • Mama's Unit
  • Kitchen Unit
  • Toilet Block

The 4 large units (accommodation units) are identical in dimensions and specifications. This means that the Children's Unit is identical as the School Unit (the school unit is meant to be a classroom), while the Children’s unit is a dormitory. The Administrative, Mama's and Kitchen Units are all the same size but serve functions in accordance with their titles. Operationally, there is an interdependence built in to this set up. This is done to provide future flexibility in the use of these units.   

Read more about Larchfield Children's Home Join our public WhatsApp group RSVP Now