Child Rescue Nepal

Nepal | 2022

The charity has been rescuing and caring for vulnerable children in Nepal since 1999. During this time the team have worked tirelessly to rescue trafficked children, and reunite them with their families where possible. Child Rescue Nepal operate a number of small ‘family style’ safe houses across the country, allowing rescued children the opportunity to attend local schools and rebuild their lives.

Whilst rescuing children from slavery is a huge part of the work the charity does, preventing children from being trafficked in the first place is far better, and far more cost effective. Recent research shows that 80% of trafficking victims in Nepal have never enrolled in school. The charity keeps children ‘safe in school’ and out of the hands of traffickers through a range of child-centred activities which are proven to improve school attendance rates.

Number of children impacted: 1,337 girls and 1,101 boys

United Nation's sustainable development goal: Quality Education, Good Health and Wellbeing

Charity number: 1078187


This is the first project Gulf for Good will be working on with Child Rescue Nepal

Current Charity Projects

The following are the charity's current needs that we are working towards supporting. 

The aim of this project is to prevent child trafficking by increasing the incentive an access to 20 public schools in Makwanpur District in Nepal.

 The planned interventions include:

1)              Providing two schools with libraries and learning materials

2)              Building separate girls and boys school toilets to remove barriers for girls

3)              Distribute 500 hygiene kits and training

4)              Distribute 200 educational bursaries to the poorest children

5)              Deliver teacher training to 24 teachers

The Safe in School program aims increase attendance rates and keep children in school, increasing their chances at a safe and successful life in turn.


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