Kisoro Children's Foundation


Kisoro Children's Foundation exists to support the education, health, and welfare of children and families in Kisoro, Uganda. They support the Ineza Center and School on the same compound, providing needed quality education and healthcare for children. The construction of this new center and school was completed in May 2018.

We are raising US$ 27,250 to tile the classrooms, purchase a playground and to furnish the new school. The impact of this fund will reach 830 students (232 directly and 598 indirectly).

According to the 2014 census in Kisoro, Uganda, 86% of households have subsistence farming as their main source of income. 60% of the population is under 19 years of age. Only 25% of girls aged 13-18 are in secondary school. 39% of children aged 10-15 are working. Among households in Kisoro District, less than 8% have access to electricity and about a third have access to piped water, but this water is untreated. Public schools are crowded, often include physical abuse of children, and generally have no food or clean water for children.

Kisoro Children's Foundation was founded to address such inequities and open the door to new opportunities for the inhabitants of Kisoro. Gulf for Good is proud to be a partner on this project.

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