Larchfield Children's Home


As a response to the desperate plight of Tanzanian children who have been abandoned by parents – either by reason of disease and death, divorce or other incapacity to maintain the family unit, a group of Tanzanian private citizens decided to register a children’s home and to call it, “Larchfield”, to serve as a happy, safe and secure environment for Tanzanian children who have no home.    

The objective is to build and operate a purpose built children’s home, initially for 60 children, but phased to accommodate eventually up to 300.                              

Larchfield will be designed and managed to provide a homely, safe haven for homeless children where, despite having begun their lives at a disadvantage, they can grow up to lead happy, responsible and caring lives and be a credit to the community they live in, inspiring others by their example.     

Larchfield was legally set up as an NGO [#00NG0/00005420] and had already acquired land at Mkuranga, (some 40 miles south of Dar-es-Salaam) where there are many disadvantaged children - the lucky ones are fostered with other families. The actual design of the Home is taking shape in the capable hands of a philanthropic group of imaginative architectural students, staff and professionals called “Core Coordination Team”. This team has developed blueprint & drawings of the proposed home. More details of their progress is available on the charity website under “Workshops”.

The construction of the Children’s Home has been divided into three phases. Larchfield is currently working towards the Phase 1 which consists of 4 large units (accommodation) + 4 small units (mama’s) + 1 Toilet block. Each phase has currently have the following structure designations:  

  • School Unit
  • Children’s Unit
  • Administrative Unit
  • Mama's Unit
  • Kitchen Unit
  • Toilet Block

The 4 large units (accommodation units) are identical in dimensions and specifications. This means that the Children's Unit is identical as the School Unit (the school unit is meant to be a classroom), while the Children’s unit is a dormitory. The Administrative, Mama's and Kitchen Units are all the same size but serve functions in accordance with their titles. Operationally, there is an interdependence built in to this set up. This is done to provide future flexibility in the use of these units. 

Building the Larchfield Children’s Home has been a key G4G project since 2014:


The July 2014 Kilimanjaro trekking challenge participants raised almost US$65,000

The majority of the funds were spent on acquiring manual brick making machines and the raw material required to manufacture bricks on mass scale.

The first phase of brick making/manufacturing will be used for the main building and the perimeter wall. 1000 bricks are already manufactured at-site and 2000 will be manufactured by end of April 2016.

The remaining funds were used on the expert fees of the design, architects and quantity surveyor teams who are developing final drawings and estimating quantities for construction of Phase I.


July 2016 – Trek to the Roof of Africa

Our intrepid challengers raised US$36,837 for the continued construction of Phase 1.

July 2016 – Sony did a private challenge up Kilimanjaro, making a private donation to Larchfield Kids. Thank you Sony!


April 2017 – The first Chinese Music Evening at the Waldorf Astoria raised US$24,635. A big thank you to all of those that made this beautiful evening a success.


November 2017 – The first ever Larchfield Ball at the British Embassy had the wonderful support of 300 guests, raising US$59,550.

November 2017 – The inspirational Tom Otton ran the Marathon Des Sables with G4G, raising US$4,900 for Phase 1 of Larchfield Kids.


April 2018 – Our second Chinese Music Evening at the Waldorf Astoria raised US$23,775


May 2018 – Phase 1 has been completed and is now ready to accept 60 children. The children have been chosen and the board are hiring and training 15 staff to be able to open the doors soon. This will include 1 centre manager, 1 cook, 6 mamas, 6 dadas, and 1 driver.

The architect and quantity surveyor have reached an agreement to assess works done and provide a report on 31st Jan 2018. Meanwhile, the search for a contractor has begun to start building the walkway cover, kitchen, dining hall, drainage water diversion and landscaping.

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