Soft Power Education


Soft Power Education (SPE) has a mission to “Improve the quality of life through education”. Since 1999 we have been working in the Jinja District of Uganda, where the source of the Nile begins its journey towards the Mediterranean Sea. 

We work in three key areas:

Alternative Education, School Infrastructure Development and Livelihoods

Our core programmes include two pre-schools for 180 of the most disadvantaged children from the communities of Buwenda and Kyabirwa, a Special Needs Programme working with over 130 children with disabilities, the Amagezi Education Centre through which we partner with over 1000 P6 pupils from 12 partner schools and the Earth Power Project under which we focus on protecting the environment in the Busedde and Buyengo sub counties. 

In 2015, Gulf for Good fundraised to renovate and paint 9 classrooms at Namaganga Primary School under our School Infrastructure Development Programme. In 2020 we are fundraising to completely renovate seven classrooms at Nkondo Primary School where 605 pupils attend school. This renovation will ensure that the children are learning in safe and inspiring classrooms.

March 2016

G4G has sent the final two installments to Soft Power Education of funding from the Uganda 2015 challenge (totalling US$ 14,807). 


January 2016

New pictures received from the charity site which shows lots of progress on the whole project including finishing work done on the building.


December 2015

Gulf for Good has transferred the first two instalments (totalling US$ 17,520) of the funds raised by Uganda Cycling challenge participants to the SPE team.

The on-site construction team has made very rapid progress towards construction in last few weeks and the school structure has already begin to take good shape. You can view the progress in some of the latest images here.


November 2015

You'll be very pleased to hear that Namaganga Primary School won the annual School Festival competition of all schools organised by Soft Power Education. The SPE team is very happy with the performance of this school.

October 2015

The 2015 Uganda cycling challengers support one of the project by Soft Power Education, Namaganga Primary School.

The Soft Power Education teams works at grassroots level and involve local community in their development work. In October, the team organised a community meeting and the members were thrilled and very grateful for the project supported by G4G. This community has been very helpful in the past too and continues to support all SPE work.

The team of 28 (yes 28!) builders is working on-site since October 2015 and the local community is offering big support such as basic facilities and even food supplies for the building team.  The first block of project will be finished in 2015 and the second block will carry over into January 2016.


May 2015

Soft Power Education (SPE) is a British registered charity and Ugandan NGO working with communities in Uganda to improve quality of life through education. We focus on five key, directly related areas;

  1. Refurbishment of Primary Schools - providing clean, safe and inspiring learning environments.
  2. Education Centres - fun, dynamic learning centres to complement class based learning for our partner schools.
  3. Community Development Programme - extending the potential of the education centres to adult learning.
  4. Partnerships - through partnerships bringing conservation to the classroom.
  5. Special Needs Project - promoting inclusion of children with special needs. Providing ongoing training and support for teachers and families.

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