Tibetan Children's Villages, Leh-Ladakh, India


About the Tibetan Children’s Villages:

Tibetan Children's Villages or TCV is an integrated community in exile for the care and education of orphans, destitute and refugee children from Tibet. Formally registered in 1972, Tibetan Childrens Villages, is a registered, non-profit charitable organisation with its main facility based at Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, North India. Across its Indian network, TCV cares for more than 12,000 children. Tibetan SOS Children’s Village Ladakh looks after 1861 orphan and destitute Tibetan and local Ladakhi children who come from all parts of Ladakh. 

Number of children impacted: 536 directly, 1861 indirectly

United Nation's Sustainable development goal: housing and wellbeing

Charity registration number: 1860


This is the first project Gulf for Good will be working on with Tibetan Children's Villages, Leh-Ladakh

Current Charity Projects

The following are the charity's current needs that we are working towards supporting.  

This challenge will support Tibetan Children's Village, Ladakh to install 23 individual kitchens in family homes as well as upgrading the village’s central kitchen, study and dining area. At present children in the village cook on the floor and study on their beds. This project will benefit more than 1,550 students currently under the charity’s care, 500 students under our further study programme and 300 senior citizens, in addition to providing better resources to deal with the severe winter weather conditions.

Please note that this challenge will support the priority needs of Tibetan Children’s Villages at the completion of the challenge, which may vary from the above. We promise to keep you updated with any changes.

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