The Abundant Wadi Abadilah Hike (Family Friendly)

Fujairah | 7am - 10am | Sunday 19th November 2023

Embark on a delightful adventure through the stunning Masafi mountains in Fujairah with the Wadi Abadilah trail. This enchanting spring valley hike is a must-experience in the Fujairah region, offering picturesque views, natural pools, and lush vegetation along the way.

Perfect for beginners, the trail spans 7 km with a manageable elevation gain of 130 meters. Take a leisurely three-hour journey, and unwind by the refreshing water spring.

Any questions please contact: [email protected] or +971 52 253 1909

Depending on the group pace, most of our hikes are around 3-4 hours with stops for snacks.

All of our activities fundraise to support children in need around the world. Read more about our charity projects here.

Registration closes Friday, 17th Nov, 4pm.

Read more about our hiking grades here.

We cannot support carpooling arrangements from Dubai. It is the responsibility of the participant to make their way to the hike start location. We don’t want to delay this activity, we won’t be waiting for late comers.


  • The satisfaction of supporting a charity helping children in need
  • A licensed operator and experienced guide with international Mountain Leader training
  • Experienced outdoor first aid certified Gulf for Good Hiking Reps & first aid kits
  • Satellite phone
  • An inclusive, welcoming community spirit!
  • A guaranteed day of fun & fitness!


  • 2-3 litres of water
  • Snacks
  • Sun protection - hat, sunglasses, suncream
  • Suitable hiking clothes (dry fit t-shirts recommended, shorts or loose trousers)
  • Decent walking shoes (trainers are acceptable for some hikes however we strongly recommend ankle support and strong soles, boots are mandatory for other hikes)
  • Face mask & hand sanitiser

Kids are welcome on most of our hikes! However there are uneven paths and children should be old enough to walk for a few hours. You are responsible for your children. Gulf for Good doesn’t take responsibility for accidents that may occur and it is important that you bring enough water and snacks for your family as well as any medicines that they may need.

Parents will need to sign an online waiver for any children aged below 16.

Please note, dogs are not permitted on our hikes. This is in consideration of the wider group. Thank you for your understanding. 

Safety is our top priority along with having fun.

Our Gulf for Good Guides and hiking Reps are experienced with our trails and are first aid certified. Our lead hiking Guides are trained international Mountain Leaders.

On every hike we carry extra water, first aid kits, a satellite phone and walkie talkies. We run risk assessments and have an emergency plan for each route.

We maximise hiking groups to 30 participants depending on the rating of the trail and typically run a ratio of 1 support staff for every 10 hikers.

If you are new to hiking in UAE, for some of our more advanced routes we ask that you participate on a beginner level, moderate trail first. This is in the interest of everyone's safety and enjoyment.

Gulf for Good hiking Reps and staff reserve the right to cancel a hike if they deem it unsafe and also to turn away participants if they are a risk to themselves and others.

Read more about our hiking grades here.

9 out of 10 people in the outdoors are uninformed about their impacts.

As much as we love hiking and want to encourage all to enjoy the natural environment, we have a responsibility to minimise our negative impact to the areas we hold dear.

Every step and every choice we make impacts the environment around us. Here's a few tips we want to encourage as we invite you on some of our favourite trails in the world.

Ditch single-use plastic and bring a reusable bottle.

One of the most well-known wilderness rules is to 'Leave No Trace'. Whatever you bring in, you need to bring out. We also encourage to go a step further, by leaving the environment cleaner than we found it. If you come across trash, please help pick it up. Our Gulf for Good Hiking Reps always carry litter bags.

If you must go and you can't dig a hole, we encourage the use of biodegradable tissue paper and waste bag to dispose of properly later once off the trail. By choosing these options, you save your fellow hikers and locals from coming across unwanted human waste.

We encourage our hikers to maintain courtesy to other visitors and locals on the trails. Many people come to the outdoors to listen to nature. Excessive noise, uncontrolled pets and damaged surroundings take away from the natural appeal of the outdoors.

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